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  • 1. Saijai  |  August 14, 2008 at 1:55 am

    Thanks a lot Hiba,
    I’m going to be a first year soon..and I found your website is very useful!

  • 2. Santy  |  August 14, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    I found your website very useful. It help clear confusions and anxieties. I have two questions, although. For the health insurance, is there a monthly plan for it? Like can i pay $75 per month?

  • 3. Dilanthi  |  December 22, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    This is fantastic Hiba! I had heard of it, but this is the first time I’m actually looking at your website. WOW! Talk about taking initiative and doing something great. Wish you were around to answer my questions when I was an incoming student. Now to think of it, you’d probably still have known more than I did waaaay back in the Fall of 2005 😉

    Hope all’s well!


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