Activities, Sports and Organizations

What are the community service activities like in Midd?


There are hundreds of community service activates in Middlebury. I am a firefighter, and a hotline volunteer for WomenSafe, an organization that helps women who have been victims of domestic/sexual violence. There are plenty of other activities. Last year I taught a little model UN course at one of the local high schools. My friends volunteer with kids at nearby schools, or with older people at the nursing home.

Here’s the link to the website where you will find a lot of information:

Also, part of orientation, there will be a community service fair where you can get information and sign-up for whatever activity you’re interested in.



Do you know if there is a girl’s club soccer team? And if there is, do you know how to get involved?


I am almost certain that there is an IM Soccer Team, and the way you’d get involved is really watching out for emails that they send (usually a month into the semester) about IM sports, and then you’ll form a team. It can be just girls, but you can also have a coed team.



I like badminton and table tennis. Do they offer those opportunities at Midd?


Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for that. Either IM sports, courses for PE credits, or even just the facilities that you can use whenever.





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