Dorms and Rooms

The orientation packet mentioned public kitchenettes, refrigerators, and TVs in the residence halls, but didn’t say how many people would be sharing them. Around how many would that be? And does it change much depending on where we end up?


It really depends on where you end up. However, on average, I would say 50 people share these resources. Because they are available in the lounges, and there are 2-3 lounges in each freshman dorm. Bear in mind that a lot of people bring their own TVs and fridges. I should also mention that you are allowed to use any kitchens/TVs in any dorm, so if you found something in use, you can go to the building next door.



Are the dorms wired for cable?


Yes, the TVs in the dorm lounges all have cable, and you will find that many students will be watching games and shows together. If you have your own TV I doubt that you will be getting cable on it.



How big are the bookshelves we’re provided with?


I don’t think the shelves are very big. If you look at the photos I have attached of my room freshman year -which is a double in Stewart Hall- you’ll be able to see the shelves. They are pretty much identical in all dorms, and they are usually placed vertically in the room, which makes them even smaller. Instead, I put my book shelves horizontally on my desk, which gave me more space. I do recommend however, that you only bring books (things) that you are sure you will need. Stuff tends to accumulate over the years.



How much wall space do we get?


There is not a lot of wall space, considering the size of the room and fire-safety regulations I would say you can fit 4-5 posters. Take a look at the pictures of my room freshman year to get a better idea.


Is it really necessary to bring a bedside lamp for a dorm room? Or are there already lamps there? If there is any other furniture or non-obvious items you suggest bringing to campus I would love to know.


I generally found dorm rooms to be dark, so I bought a lamp. You probably will find it useful to get one, and if you can’t bring one with you, there are plenty of places in town where you can find them. I know the college store has some that you can buy.

A lot of people buy bean bag chairs, which I think are a great idea, or maybe a couch or something of that sort. They can be a little bit of a pain when you have to move out of your room, so I am thinking something along the lines of a butterfly chair.

The other thing I got that I really appreciated having was an exercise ball. I didn’t like my chair so I usually used it when I was sitting at my desk or of course to work out in my room in the morning.

My general feeling though is that you should really just bring stuff that you need because you will be so surprised by how much you will accumulate over the years at Middlebury. So try to minimize extra stuff, and instead buy cheaper/practical stuff that you won’t feel bad about breaking/losing/throwing away.



Do people loft their beds? If so, how?


Yes a lot of people loft their beds. I actually lofted mine. It is quite easy, and we (res life staff) can help you do it once you get to campus. think of the beds as a large rectangle made of metal that has hooks on each corner, these hooks grab on to little pins on the two wooden frames on the top and bottom of the bed, each frame has multiple pins at different heights, and if you want to change the level, you just need to detach the metal, and re-attach it higher. If you wanted it much higher up, what we do is put another level of wood frames on top of the ones already there, so it’s double the height.



If you want to loft your bed, do you have to pay for the extra wooden posts?


No, you wouldn’t have to pay for anything. We (res life staff) will give you the posts and help you loft your bed.



How cold are the dorms during the winter? If I am buying a new comforter for my bed should I get a really thick one?


I think that the heating system at Middlebury does wonders! It’s amazing. When you’re inside any building, whether it’s a dorm or not, you never feel the cold. It’s only when you’re outside really…

Each student has a heater in their room, and can control the temperature there. As I said, these heaters as really strong, so I am guessing if you want your room to be rather tropical for the entire winter, then that can very easily be done.

I personally bought a “not so thick” comforter that I found online at target, and it has done the trick. But it’s a personal choice after all. I don’t think you need it, given the heaters in the room.



Just wanted to know how do you like the rooms at Midd? In a doubles room, do you usually have enough space?


My room in Stewart was very nice. There was just enough space; the girls on the hall were also nice. So I really enjoyed my freshman experience. I know rooms in Battle are a little smaller, so it really depends on where you end up. But Stewart, Ross and Atwater generally have larger doubles, and Battel ones are a bit smaller. The only problem I had sometimes was that there are only 4-5 drawers, and the little closet. So it may be hard sometimes to find room for all your clothes. I usually had to separate my warmer weather clothes from the colder, and store them in my suitcase when I wasn’t using them.



Are there mirrors in the dorm rooms? Or should we think about investing in our own?


There is a small mirror on the door. It’s not full length. I want to say maybe a foot and a half by a foot or so, head-level. My freshman year, a friend of mine gave me a long mirror, I found it useful but I could have lived without it. There are usually long mirrors in the hallways too and of course in the bathrooms.



What should I do about bedding? Is there a specific website/store I should get it from?


There are several options. There is a TJMax about 5 mins from campus and they sell bed sheets, pillows and comforters there for reasonable prices.

I know that’s where they shop for international students. I personally bought my comforter online at target for $40. It’s great.



Will there be wireless in most of the dorms or will we need to hook up directly?


In the past year, Middlebury has expanded its wireless network to reach the dorms. So you should be able to use it.



I want to get an organizer for my room, do u think that I would have room for like a seven drawer Tupperware organizer from Wal-Mart…They are like three feet tall, a foot wide, and maybe a foot and a half deep?


Yes, you do have room for something like that, I know a lot of students buy them, and they will actually be very useful. Definitely a good idea!



Is the bathroom in our room, aka two persons sharing one bathroom, or is it shared by a few rooms?


A few rooms share a bathroom. I think the standard is 8 people per toilet or something like that.



Do you know if the bathrooms in Battell North are co-ed or separated by gender?


They are co-ed. but if you want, you can talk with your FYC and students on your hall and decide to make them single-sex if that’s more comfortable.



I’m going to be in Stewart and I was wondering if there was any type of kitchen in the dorm?


There are a couple of kitchens in Stewart. A big one on the first floor and a smaller one on the fifth. Both have a microwave, a big fridge, sinks, ovens, and cooking stoves.

There aren’t usually any pans/pots in the kitchens, but students usually chip in and get a few for everyone to use. However, the commons office has a lot of utilities for students to check out for free.



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