How much does it cost per month on average for laundry, entertainment, junk, miscellaneous things? And can you give that in a monthly budget range for the average student?


First, laundry. Each load costs 1.25 to wash, and for each 23 minutes of drying it costs 0.50. Let’s say you do 2 loads every two weeks (which I imagine is quite average), and the driers sometimes aren’t great, (but they’re big, so you can put both your loads in one). This means, 2.50 for washing, 1.50 for drying. Twice a month. That’s 8 dollars worth of laundry (not counting detergent, softener and stuff like that).

As for entertainment, I personally like to go out for dinner quite a bit. So I would say maybe somewhere around 100 dollars is what I am thinking. But of course you can spend much more/less, but on average you’d be happy with 100 dollars a month. Middlebury organizes many fun events for free, and I should mention the commons, and how they sponsor a lot of events, so you can organize a tea and cookies party for your hall and they’ll pay for it. So I totally recommend organizing events like that in cooperation with your res life staff. That way you make friends, have fun, and spend no money.

I find myself spending maybe 200 a month including cell phone bill, going out money and stuff. So it really depends on what you do, and how you choose to spend your money. I have a couple of campus jobs, so I usually earn money, and use it for entertainment.



Do you know whether there is a special meal plan for religious festivals like Ramadan?


When Ramadan comes around, the Islamic organization on campus figures out a plan for all students going to fast. You receive credit and can use it to get food at night.

As for other religious festivals (which I know less about), there are several religious organizations on campus that have a budget, and can coordinate arrangements for certain holidays, if none are in place already. Feel free to propose something, or discuss your need with the presidents of the organizations, and I am sure you can work something out.



Do we need to provide our own detergent to do laundry?


Yes, and softener, as necessary.



What kind of shoes do most people wear in the winter? Are snow boots the norm or are sneakers, flats, etc popular even when it’s snowy and cold out?


Snow boots definitely. It gets really cold and the ground is all icy and slippery. So snow boots are the best to deal with that. Of course, if it’s not snowing outside, a lot of people just wear sneakers.



Any idea which accommodation in Middlebury is cheapest for visiting family? And Bread Loaf doesn’t normally offer accommodation, does it?


A lot of my friends’ families tend to stay at the Middlebury Inn; it is not at all the cheapest, but the most convenient because it’s very close to campus. It’s like a 5-10 minute walk. I have never stayed there, but I have had breakfast there, and the chef there works with us at the fire department. It’s a nice place, but you really need to get reservations way in advance especially when it’s a busy time (fall family weekends or homecoming).

The other alternative that I know of is the Marriott. It’s a 5 minute drive from campus, so you need to have a car because the bus system isn’t all that convenient, and doesn’t run very late. It’s a bit cheaper than the Inn. I hear it’s very nice, but it’s farther.

I know that as it gets closer to you leaving home for college, Middlebury will send you this Vermont guide that has a list of all bed and breakfast places and accommodation options. That will probably be more reliable.

Bread Loaf does not offer accommodation, they use it for housing only during certain events, but it’s more for alumni.



Do you get a laundry card or do the machines take quarters?


Laundry card. There are a few machines on campus that you can buy the card from, and refill too. Same applies for photocopiers.



I read in the mailing that there is a laundry service at Midd. Could you tell me more about that? Like, how the program operates and how much it costs?


There is an organization on campus that operates the laundry service, it’s for fundraising purposes. You will receive a brochure before you get to Midd but here’s what I remember.  . I think there were a few options, whether you wanted your laundry done once a week, or once every two weeks, and I want to say that the yearly service cost about $350. But this is completely based on my memory. What they basically do is collect laundry from all the people who asked for the service, wash and dry it, then return it to your door. I am almost certain it’s all student-run.



For newspaper readers, other than the library, is there any place on campus where you can read/obtain The NY Times sans charge?


All dining halls get the newspaper in the morning; they get the NY Times, the Boston Globe and a couple of others. All libraries also have them (the main one, the science building and the music library).



Should I bring a pair of slacks, shirt and tie?


Yes, you would probably wear them a couple of times a year. I definitely recommend a formal or semi-formal suit or dress for women as well; they will be needed on a couple of occasions.



Is there a movie theatre on campus or in town? How likely is it that I will be able to keep up with new (or at least relatively new) releases?


Yes, there is a movie theater in town. And they are pretty good about keeping up. Also, there are a couple of movie stores in town that you can rent from.

The library has a great collection, so does the one in town, and every Friday, there is a free movie night on campus.



Do we keep the mailbox numbers for all 4 years?


Yes, unless you go abroad, in which case it you get a new one when you get back.



Are there irons in the laundry room?


No, there aren’t. Students usually bring their own.




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