How’s the internet and intranet at Midd like? Fast, congested, ftp sites blocked?


The internet is very fast and very secure on campus. The speed is 100 mbps. Ftp sites are not blocked.



Does anyone use Linux on campus?


A couple of people use Linux on campus but support will be limited because not a lot of people use the OS. All the computers in the computer science lab have Linux on them, so if you end up being a computer science major you will have to familiarize yourself with the system.



I got this new Mac and tried to bring it to the Mac store today to get my free data transfer, but they told me that it would take two days which I obviously don’t have. If I bring up my old PC hard drive, does someone at Midd have the capability/technology to transfer some of my files from an old internal PC hard drive to a new MacBook Pro?


The computer helpdesk in the library will be able to help you do that, granted that you can still access the data on the old hard drive.



When I bought my laptop it came with a printer but I’m not sure if I should bother to bring it with me. Will I need it or are there other ways to print?


There are a lot of ways to print; there are many libraries and labs around campus that have absolutely no limits on printing. Some students however bring their own printers because there aren’t any in the dorm, so they just find it more convenient to have. Ultimately it’s your choice, it won’t hurt. But it’s not going to be inconvenient if you don’t bring it.



Are there computers around campus for student-use?


There are plenty of computers and computer labs on campus that you can use. Both PCs and Macs. The library also allows you to borrow a laptop for use inside the building.



What is it like working for the computer helpdesk?


The helpdesk is a great place to work, I am a lead computer consultant there and you should definitely come visit me when you get to Midd. I can give you the application material and stuff if you are interested. there are a lot of aspects that you would learn, including wise troubleshooting skills, customer service, being able to handle people on the phone/on email/and in person. It’s a really great job, and it’s a constant learning experience for me.



Can we take Windows Vista or Office 2007 CDs from the library and install them on our computers?


The circulation desk in the library has plenty of software that students can install. Including Office 2003. I am not sure what the most current version that we have is, but you can check it along with other programs when you get to Middlebury.



About the Midd image that Dell puts on the Midd recommended D620. Is it available at the Helpdesk? Does it work with any other Dell computer? Other brands? Also what exactly does it contain?


We (at the helpdesk) have images for all Dells that we’ve recommended in the past. As far as I can recall, we have D620, D610, D600, G270, G250, G240, and others. The D620 image last year was pretty much a Windows XP image. I bet though that we’ll be preparing a Vista one as well if the model on the website recommends Vista. I haven’t recently looked at it. But whatever is recommended we’ll have an image for it.

We don’t have any images for other brands. Just ones we have recommended from Dell. As for what it contains, I am most familiar with the XP image so:

It has a working version of Windows XP Professional, along with Microsoft Office 2003, the antivirus (Symantec), and the Novell Client which helps you connect to the different servers on campus. There are also networks that this image already maps to (also to servers), and a few other things that are very specific to the Middlebury network (that are useful for students).



How does one go about qualifying for a free laptop?


It’s based on your financial aid package. I am not sure what the threshold is. But at a certain point, all students receiving x amount of aid or more qualify for the free laptop.



What kind of cable do we need to connect computers to the network?


An Ethernet cable. However the school is working on expanding the wireless network, so if you have a wireless card, you will be able to connect through the wireless anywhere on campus.



Will there be wireless in most of the dorms or will we need to hook up directly?


In the past year, Middlebury has expanded its wireless network to reach the dorms. So you should be able to use it.



What’s better to bring to campus, a PC or a Mac?


It is really up to you whether you get a Mac or a PC. We have software that works for both, and try to have equal labs of each all over campus. From experience at the helpdesk, we can provide a little more assistant with Dell because we have staff that’s certified to fix and replace parts. This is something that we don’t have for Macs. So if you had a dell, and your computer broke, we are much more likely to help you, especially with the warranty, because everything will be done quickly and for free! It gets a bit harder when Macs are involved because we can’t replace parts, and they are a bit more complex in terms of the hardware, so you’d have to mail it to apple if something goes wrong. But other than that, they’re really the same.



How much does it cost to print in the library? Or in a lab?


It doesn’t cost anything to print in the library, and there is no quota for printing.



Does Middlebury provide students with an antivirus?


Yes, there is a free antivirus for Windows (Symantec Anti-Virus) that the network will require you to install if you don’t have it already once you log on to the internet.





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