What is the easiest/cheapest way to travel to Boston for a weekend?


On almost every weekend, you’ll find people driving to Boston but I personally have taken the greyhound there. It takes a while (5 hours or so) but it cost around 20 dollars one way. The not so good news is that you’d have to go to Burlington to catch it, which is about 40 minutes from Midd. During official holidays, the Student Government Association organizes shuttles to NY and Boston for a small fee.



Is there a transit line to get to Burlington?


Yes, the Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR) has a shuttle from Middlebury to Burlington and back every day except for Sunday. The bus costs $3 one way.



I’m debating whether or not I should bring a car. Do you think people who brought cars used them enough? Did people who didn’t bring their car regret it? I know space is limited, but I’m thinking I’d like having one for fall recess and other breaks where there isn’t enough time to go home, or just to take a break and go to Burlington.


Transportation to/from Middlebury can be challenging at times, there are bus shuttles to Burlington almost every day, and there are shuttles that take you around Middlebury for free. I think, being busy with studying and activities all the time, you will hardly have “free” time to drive somewhere far. So I think you won’t be using it all that often while you’re on campus. You will mostly use it to go home really. However, if you think you will go home often, or would like to make the time during weekends to drive around, then I don’t think you would regret having a car. A lot of people though drive home (Boston, NY, NH… etc) and it’s easy to get a ride with someone.

Finally, and especially for freshmen, parking isn’t that great. There is some space, but it is a little far from the dorms. So you won’t be using your car to go to class or anything like that. The Middlebury campus, with its commitment to environmental initiatives is a pedestrian one, so you can walk anywhere on campus.



I am thinking of bringing my bicycle up to campus (it is not a mountain bike—more like a road bike) to get around. Will that really be useful? And if so, for how much of the year, and is there a place to store it in winter that is not extremely impractical (aka involving many stairs)?


I definitely recommend that you bring it with you. It will be extremely useful; many people bring their bikes and use them quite often. There isn’t much room for cars on campus, or convenient parking spots, and that’s why people use their bikes to get around between far buildings and to go to town. There is a bike room in almost every dorm where you can store it in the winter.



What’s the deal with the bike repair centre on campus? I think I read somewhere you fix a bike and you can use it?


I haven’t been there but yes, you go, fix a bike and it’s yours, free of charge. It’s great.



Are there bike racks around?


Yes there are many of them. Almost in front of everything building. It is a very bike-friendly campus.


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