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Having graduated I would like to pass this initiative on to students who are interested in providing information to incoming first-year students. Please email me at if you are interested.

– Hiba Fakhoury


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Welcome to Ask Hiba!

My name is Hiba Fakhoury and I am going to be a senior at Middlebury College. Last summer and excited about my role as a First Year Counselor in Stewart Hall, I joined the Facebook group, Middlebury Class of 2011, introduced myself and offered to answer any questions for the members of the incoming freshman class. Little did I know that my offer was going to be taken seriously and would lead to an exchange of questions and answers by 111 students in 488 posts in the group’s discussion forum (read more here).

This year and in hopes of extending the initiative, I have compiled a summary of last year’s questions and answers and organized them by topic for easy reference. In addition, I have included a few photos of the campus and some useful links that can be relevant to students.

It is but a work in progress that aims at creating a resource that engages both current and incoming Middlebury College students in order to facilitate the process of preparing to arrive to campus, utilizing technology. So, whether you have a question that you want answered, would like to contribute to the webpage or have a comment or a suggestion that you would like to share, I invite you to send an email to



Disclaimer: Ask Hiba! is a student-run initiative and is not affiliated with Middlebury College.

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